Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tulip Block Swap Exchange

**Sign Ups Now Open**

 Tulip Block Swap Blog

is now finished with construction and is ready to be open to the public. 

***It is a fun fast easy block that finishes 12 x 12. *** 

This pattern has always been a favorite in my quilt shop and comes from the American Quilt Retailer magazine that I subscribe to. I am not allowed to put the image of the pattern on the internet because of copyright rules.  But I am allowed to distribute it on paper. 

 "Here's a simple, bold, big block for quick and fun quilt making. Use bold solids, tone-on-tone. Make the blocks all the same or vary the tulip fabric."

If you are interested in joining this swap, I will need to send you the pattern via U.S.Postal Service

sign ups start now and will stay open until we reach 100 peeps

deadline for mailing blocks will be  April 30th.   
sign ups will be conducted via email.
email me at:
sewfarsewgoodquiltshop {at} gmail {dot} com
{please use "Tulip Swap" in the subject line.}
Or click on the link at the top of the page.

your email should include the following info:
your name.
your email address
your mailing address.

even though you are signing up via email...
leave a comment so everyone can see who is participating.
{that's the fun part before the swapping part.}

All you have to do is send me a stamped 
self-addressed envelope for the pattern.  

You can click on the "contact me" button at the top of the blog.  Send me a quick email about joining.  I will then give you my mailing address.  I know it is a "pain the bum", but copyright rules are rules.  I wish I could post it.  So please understand that aspect.  I know you will love the pattern once you get it.  I  just am not allowed to post the pattern.  

The Fine Print
Block details, Rules and Regulations:

Let's all make six Blocks.
Send FIVE to me and  keep one for yourself.

Use white tone-on-tone or solid white for your background fabric
Use Pretty bright spring solid colors, pastel solids or hand-dyed solids (mmmm!) for your tulips
No prints

Let's swap five blocks each - Keep one for yourself to make it an even six.
You can make more if you like.  I know you will.

Can you make an Extra Block for Me?
I have teamed up with Mom 4R Marines
I have the honor of making quilts for a newborn babies born in the US
while their daddy's are currently deployed
This is such a terrific blessing for me.  WOW!!

What could be better?  
 Make sweet baby quilts and take care of our troops at the same time.  
So if you can, please make an extra block for me  

this will be a centralized swap...
meaning all blocks will be mailed to me.
with your blocks you'll include a SASE for blocks to be returned to you.
note: if you don't send a SASE,  I can send you a Paypal invoice to cover your postage.  I'd prefer not to, but will if all else fails.  

Let me know if you are willing to send international. 
 I will have to do a bit more coordination on my end but it's no problem.   

Hope you join me. Happy Quilting.


  1. Sounds like a fun swap!
    Ann in Broken Arrow,OK

  2. Hi Stacey, I'm in and emailed you with info!


  3. Hello fellow swappers! Shall we tiptoe thru the tulips and make like spring is our thing?
    Jennifer in IN.

  4. My tulips started popping out of the ground this weekend.

  5. My tulips are up too, and I LOVE this block! Count me in!!

  6. How about making a blog for each swapper, so we will have a lot of variety?


  7. Louisa just signed up, and will do an extra block for your Marines project. Thanks for putting this together!

  8. Hi, Looking forward to a beautiful little row of tulips.

  9. the critters eat our tulips, but I bought some for the kitchen table, so I guess that means I'm supposed to make blocks! Kathy

  10. Hi, Can I still get in? I love it. Robin

  11. Hi Robin, Yes you can still get in. Just send me a quick email either using the link at the top or to sewfarsewgoodquiltshop(at)gmail(dot)com

    Happy Quilting.

  12. Louisa (group 1) made one test block, and oops, had to do a little fancy patching because I cut something wrong, and then I made 8 more, so I can definitely send 5 plus 1 for your Marines project, plus I still owe you for postage. After that first block, I found that tracing the shapes on graph paper helped me get my pieces cut right because I had a visual to match it to in case I scrambled the numbers between my brain and the cutting tools!

  13. This morning group 1's Louisa mailed 2 sets to trade and something for your Mom4Marines project. Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed making these, and this project definitely helped improve my accuracy, which even now could still use a bit more practice! Thanks so much!