Monday, April 5, 2010

Half-Square Triangle Help

Some of you are asking for a bit more help with the HST's.    Here is what I came up with and broke the pattern down into two parts.

Try this and see if it helps.  Don't give up.  Once you get it, it's easy peasy.
1.  Cut out everything as stated in the directions in the "CUT" section. 
These pieces are separate from the HST's you will need for the tulip and leaves. 

2.  Now look at the section that says "construct"  You will need to make
an additional 6 half-square triangles from tulip/background fabrics (for the tulip) and 4 half-square triangles from the leaf/background (for the leaves).  After you make these separate units, you will find that you will have all of the pieces
necessary.  Use whatever method you like for making them.  I used the Easy
Angle ruler that Bonnie Hunter loves so much.  You can make them bigger and
then just square them up to be 2 x 2.
Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.  I love email and always try to get right back to you.   Once you make one, you will see that they are really easy peasy. 

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